Quirky Crate

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For the Offbeat and Awesome

“I would define quirky as ‘strange’ or ‘different’ in the most awesome way possible.”

Rochelle was working the corporate life until she finally decided enough was enough. She cashed in her 401K and started Quirky Crate.

“I was unhappy and ready to chase my dreams,” she said.

In just a few months’ time, she had done just that. Quirky Crate, designed for the offbeat woman, had grown rapidly from the very first box. Since then, Rochelle had been able to quit her job, spend more time with her son, and focus on those dreams.

BoxUp was essential to Rochelle’s entrepreneurial adventure. After noticing that no subscription boxes offered the types of items she might like, she decided to design a crate for the “not-so-basic” woman.

Starting a business on a tight budget and a DIY attitude, BoxUp’s affordability and flexibility allowed her to reach her quirky customers in style.

As one of her Quirky Crate customers reviewed the box: “You know the way to my rainbow-colored heart!” Bright colors and bold patterns communicate to those colorful at heart what excitement awaits within the box.

“Having custom-made boxes has been a huge help in getting the whole brand to come together,” she said. “The box itself—you get a feel for how fun it will be.”

Fun is really the bottom line at Quirky Crate, which offers a budget-friendly post option for those who just want a taste of Rochelle’s creativity. Every shipment comes with her favorite items, the enamel pins or patches that are sourced from featured local artists. With content ranging from handbags and sunglasses to stationery and more, her customers can look forward to that cheerful box on their doorstep each month.

As for Rochelle? She’s looking forward to the future of Quirky Crate and leaving the corporate grind in the dust.

“I want to make mail fun again!” she said, and she’s doing just that.

Quirky Crate can be found at Cratejoy or at Quirky Crate.

“Having custom-made boxes has been a huge help in getting the whole brand to come together. The box itself – you get a feel for how fun it will be.”ROCHELLEQUIRKY CRATE FOUNDER

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