How to Use: 12x10x4 Display Mailer

BoxUp custom printed mailer boxes are a great promotional tool for your company or brand. The largest display box and one of the most popular sizes they offer is the 12x10x4 Display Mailer. These boxes are customizable right on the BoxUp website, or you can download a template if you need to work on the design offline. 

The reason this display mailer is ideal for firms, brands, and e-commerce companies is that they offer maximum branding space and they are made from sturdy corrugated cardboard, ready to ship without the need of an outer container.  BoxUp gives you the tools to easily have your company name and logo printed on the box as well as customize the printing inside the box. 

So how can you use BoxUp’s Display Mailers for your business?

Company Promotion

BoxUp custom printed corrugated boxes such as the 12x10x4 Display Mailer are a great tool for company promotion because they add a professional touch to mailed promotional items. Safely send things like sweatshirts and drinkware with company logos to new employees or greet new clients with a welcome kit full of company swag. 

When clients receive these branded boxes, they will know immediately who they are from, immediately standing out from overlooked, plain cardboard boxes. Wow your employees and customers by showing that you value them by investing in beautifully custom-printed packaging. 

Send Important Legal Documents and Portfolios

Companies are always looking for ways to make their presentations or RFPs more impactful. One way to do this is to send them in a custom-made logo box, such as BoxUp’s 12x10x4 Display Mailer. These boxes are a simple way to make your presentations and proposals more professional and eye-catching. They are clearly printed and large so your company name and logo will stand out.

These boxes are also a great and safe way to pass on legal documents and agreements. Sometimes manila folders aren’t good enough or big enough to mail large contracts. These BoxUp Display Mailers are perfect because they are made from sturdy corrugated fluting so documents will be safe during transportation. 

Team Member Appreciation

New-employee onboarding kits are becoming a popular way of welcoming new employees to a company with a nice gift. They are also a great way of passing on important paperwork and agreements to new employees without overwhelming them on their first day. Using custom labeled boxes to deliver your company’s onboarding kit is a nice touch that will make new employees feel welcome and will help to calm those first day jitters. 

BoxUp’s 12x10x4 Display Mailer is also a great way to mail special employee awards or certifications. This box can fit framed 8.5×11 wall art or certificates. 

Also, sending travel accessories to employees before big conferences or meetings is easily done in one of these 12x10x4 Display Mailers. Itineraries, branded swag, important documents–send them in style! Your team will never be more prepared than when you send them everything they need for a conference in a custom-designed BoxUp box.

12x10x4 custom shipping box from BoxUp

Order Boxes from BoxUp with Ease

Ordering custom printed mailer boxes for your company or business from BoxUp could not be easier. has all the tools you need to design the outside and the inside of the 12x10x4 Display Mailer boxes. They also have a downloadable template that you can use to work on your design offline. Once the boxes are designed, you can decide how many you want to order and then let the professional team at BoxUp take care of the rest. 

What sets BoxUp apart from other packaging companies is the customer service. They offer live chat five days a week where you can talk to a real person and not a robot. Plus, they list employee extensions right on their website so you can reach the right person in the correct department to answer any questions that you may have. 

Purchasing custom-designed 12x10x4 Display Mailers from BoxUp provides numerous benefits for your business or brand. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give them a call and speak to one of their excellent team members. Or, if you are ready to get started, head to their product pages and begin your custom box order today!

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