Yelpers Go Crazy for the After-Party Box

“People went nuts for it.”

Yelp is a marketing company that publishes crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses and offers social networking, search, and other reputation management services to its members and businesses. Yelp community managers must keep their fingers on the pulse of local businesses. Some Midwest-based Yelp managers used a custom-printed carryout swag box from BoxUp to stay connected to their audience at summer festivals.

In Indianapolis, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky Yelp managers found a way to promote their Yelp community by offering giveaways, obtained by checking in online during large festival-type events.

The Yelp After-Party Box, offered to festival-goers in the know, featured a collection of sample products from local businesses hoping to connect with influential consumers.

“The first boxes we did for the wine festival brought in 250 check-ins in about an hour,”‘ said Community Director, Brittany Smith. “People went nuts for it.”

YelpIndy chose a carryout box for the first two events: one, a wine festival and the other, a microbrewer’s festival. The handles made for easy transport and ensured that the box could fulfill a valuable service if participating vineyards and breweries were offering swag at their booths. The inclusion of a few food items came in handy as the day’s events wore on as well – in other words, much of the food inside the boxes didn’t make it out of the festival!

Smith noted, “We’ve got several other Yelp regions asking about our swag boxes now.”

“The first boxes we did for the wine festival brought in 250 check ins in about an hour. People went nuts for it.”BRITTANY SMITHYELP COMMUNITY DIRECTOR