Fill Smarter, Not Harder

New Packaging Insert Streamlines Fill Process

Bubblewrap might be fun to pop, but it’s not the most efficient way to protect your product. Styrofoam has been out for years. Packing peanuts are a mess, (plus, your cat might eat them). Paper isn’t effective.

So, what do you use to fill a box when the item you want to ship could break?

Solution: our new insert!

This brilliant little packaging insert safely holds your product in the center of the shipping box, secures it in place and protects it from shock or vibration. It’s a simple and cost-effective blocking and bracing system which showcases your product while providing maximum protection.

And the best part is – no more annoying packing peanuts or filler. This simple, elegant product provides a clean, less wasteful alternative, and it’s easier to use than you might think. Just fold and place with these simple steps:

Step 1.

Large Shipper Box - Flat

Lay insert flat with plastic lining facing up as shown. Prefold the panels inward to loosen the film.

Step 2.

Large Shipper Box with Water Bottle

Lift up film and slide your product in, centered on base.

Step 3.

Packing a Large Shipper Box

Fold both panels down at the same time to tension the film. The panels will be flush with the bottom of the base.

Step 4.

Folded Large Shipper Box

Lift up the other two panels and load into box as shown.

Step 5.

Fold the flaps in and close the box.

This insert is 100% recyclable and comes in two sizes:

  1. Medium Shipper: 12x12x5.5
  2. Large Shipper: 13x13x10

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