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“You struggle with your own marketing budget, even when you’re a marketing company.”

With a background that includes two decades of marketing in Major League Sports, Benny has a practiced hand at developing the right promotional pitch. The owner and president of BKG Media and Promotions coaches his team to work with clients and create promotional and branding products to boost their business success. Clients of the company see noticeable change in their bottom line when Benny’s team gets involved with their marketing and branding. As Benny puts it, “It can be a big deal.” Part of that job is getting the word out about his own company, too, and that’s where the BKG Media Power Box comes into play.

Custom boxes creatively packed with goodies can make a real impact, especially when Benny sends them at just the right time. He uses gift boxes tailored to their recipients to connect with clients, encourage potential customers and represent the special sense of quality that fuels BKG. Personal favorite products as well as items BKG creates offer a taste of the company’s sense of creativity and commitment. “I’ll get phone calls and emails and stuff thanking me for this phenomenal box that showed up. It’s pretty impressive,” he says. No matter who he’s working with, Benny knows how to tailor the branding experience to the customer. With a wide range of clients, from big names with $50 k per year budgets to nonprofits like the Alzheimer’s Foundation, BKG helps each party get the most for what they have to offer.

For Benny, that challenge is the best part of his work. “Being allowed to basically flex creative muscle is the fun part of the job,” he says. “What creative, crazy thing can you come up with for them?” There’s always an adaptation period with new clients, of course, and when asked what his biggest struggle is, Benny has a quick answer: “Time!” Giving personalized attention to multiple customers can be a lot, but Benny can handle it. “What’s fun is that, as your customers become clients, they learn you and you learn them. All the rest starts to go very, very smoothly,” he says. When the going gets particularly tough, he has a tried-and-true method for recharging amidst sudden cascading emails and frantic phone calls: “The front porch and a cup of coffee.”

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“What’s fun is that, as your customers become clients, they learn you and you learn them. All the rest starts to go very, very smoothly.”BENNYBKG MEDIA AND PROMOTIONS