BoxUp Customer Stories

The Lift Box

Real Fitness for Real People Imagine that you started your fitness journey. You’re working towards a healthier you and along the way, you pick up one of those expensive supplements you’ve heard about it. You try them and quickly realize they taste terrible, don’t work, and no one else wants...
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Mighty Morale in a Meaningful Box When she was deployed as a photojournalist for the Navy in the Mediterranean, Chelsea almost received an intact care package of treats from her mother...but only almost. By the time it made it to its destination, the box of goodies had suffered considerably from...
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USC Sumter

Pen To Opportunity Misty has spent the last two decades working with the University of South Carolina’s Sumter campus, but she’s never bored with her job as Marketing and PR Director. “Like most people in creative positions, I am not happy doing the same thing every day,” she says. Her...
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Victoria Ruth

The Woodland Themed Box Connected All the Guests to the New Arrival Lexy was hosting a baby shower for a friend. She'd been to many and wanted to find a unique twist to add to her event. She came upon BoxUp, designed a gift box that incorporated her child's woodland...
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